Our aim is to equip you for leadership at work and in the rest of your life

Top management requires huge inner reserves of you as you drive and take an organisation forward.  The Recess College supports you to become a more robust, self-challenging individual who is able both to accept criticism and to lead more effectively.

Leaders do not work in isolation but as part of a wider community.  Leadership requires a clear understanding of self and a perspective on the personal motivations of others.  Understanding what you bring to that community, together with an improved understanding of your own personal motivations will transform your leadership ability.

Our programme will challenge your leadership and management.  It will deepen your understanding of organisations and how they work.  This includes exploring your experience of the roles you play and addressing the personal issues that are fundamental to strong and effective leadership.

We offer you an intensive, dynamic and professionally unique ten-day sabbatical programme.  A high staff-to-participant ratio means you will be fully involved in an intensive experiential and practical working environment.  After The Recess College you will be able to make an impact in the workplace with a new perspective and heightened personal awareness of yourself and your leadership style.


‘As a leadership programme, The Recess College is unlike any other management course or training I know.  What I found most helpful is how the learning environment is ‘turned into’ reality – which cannot really be explained, only experienced.  Once you grasp the concept, you realise its beauty and its value.  Even so you still need to stretch beyond your normal capability to fully utilize it, and to develop your own simplicity and clarity.’

Human Relations Director, Public Board, The Netherlands

‘Working in a College group on deep personal and professional development was a challenge and a powerful learning experience.  I learnt very fast, both from working with my own topics and by experiencing the stories from my colleagues.’

Polish Owner/Entrepreneur