The College is for you if:

You wish to address issues of achievement at this stage in your life and career.  The focus is on your making choices and decisions to do things differently for yourself.  The College works with change and making personal and organisational transitions, on self-renewal and the dimension of leadership.


The College provides an opportunity for you to:

  • Understand your own behaviour – what drives you, shapes your relationships and your approach to your leadership role
  • Explore and develop resources for ‘the leader’ in you to handle success, resistance and difficult conversations
  • Understand the impact of your individual leadership style on others
  • Strengthen your judgement in creating and leading meaningful priorities for business, strategy or organisation development
  • Identify how to take action now – on the coping patterns that sabotage impact
  • Lead your own life in ways that matter to you


Your organisation benefits – through having people in key positions of influence better able to:

  • Take initiatives that grow their potential
  • Develop authentic leadership style of engagement and effectiveness on the task
  • Build and maintain a community of action within the organisation – leading upwards, downwards and across the organisation
  • Operate, communicate and effectively respond to leadership challenges
  • Make successful choices to perform their best


 ‘It confronted me with the difference between leadership words and leadership action.  I now realise my acquired jargon – about team building, motivation and strategy – did not reflect the reality of truly leading organisations and people sustainably.’   

Partner, International IT Company