In a radically changing world, a new style of energized, focused leadership is required.  Leaders need to have the personal and intellectual capacity to make sense of a world of turbulence and volatility and then to translate their vision into manageable change with a clear direction and purpose.

Our vision is of healthy leaders who can communicate, shift and regenerate their organisations and inspire the response of their people to situations of change and risk.

The essence of leadership is how you relate to what you can influence, but not control:

  • The unpredictability of the world in which we work
  • Changing business and political agendas
  • The unpredictability of other people’s reactions
  • The uncertainty of the future
  • The need to satisfy multiple stakeholder interests

Credible, reliable and inspirational leadership is greater than coping strategies in relation to the external task.  Leadership is an inside-out process: people must first lead themselves before they can lead anyone else and take them with them.  The Recess College programme is designed to strengthen how you take responsibility for your behaviour and how you manage the risks that confront you.


‘Nowadays I see it is possible for people at different levels of authority to operate normally – instead of putting on a façade.  They can speak in ordinary language.  I am aware of patterns that restrict quality in my relationships at home and work.  I am committed to working towards quality in a new way.’

Member of Supervisory Board, PL