Our approach

Is cross disciplinary, based on well-founded research and using insights from the disciplines of complexity and leadership studies, organisational and management training, psychotherapy and personal development.  We create a unique learning space in which you are able to build your own approach to leading and developing your workplace.

As a member of a small group of six to eight people you will join an intensive experiential working environment.  With other participants you will explore the personal, leadership and organisational issues you face.  This technique helps to enhance and re-energise personal capacity for self-motivation, drive, good judgement and resolve.

Learning does not stop and start with the ten-day event.  A Group Review follows two to three months afterwards.

The process is stringent and requires probing, scrutiny and challenge – by you and by colleagues – in a way that is safe but transforming.

Whilst the aim of the programme is serious, The College is also a great deal of fun.



Our programme is comprehensive, systemic and based on sharing life experience.  It draws on the various disciplines of:

  • Experiential learning
  • Community building – living in a 360-degree environment
  • Bodywork – helping you gain greater awareness of yourself, your body and your ability for handling stress
  • In-depth Action Learning Groups – on job, career, projects, working and personal relationships
  • Access to on-going consultation and support


‘My reaction – new insight led to new action.’ 

International Management Consultant