The Continuing College – your on-going learning
People who have been to The Recess College may choose to become part of a wider community of support.  Participants come from an incredible variety of backgrounds.  After The College you discover that you are part of a network of people from different areas of work and countries who are willing to share skills and experience.

The Review
The College programme is followed afterwards by a short Review for the participants two or three months later.  In these you have the opportunity to consolidate your learning, reconnecting you with these new friends.

The Continuing College
The Review session after The College acts as a bridge to The Continuing College with other programmes, which you may like to know about, such as:

The Leadership Insight Profile – an individual profile of your coping strategies for leadership and home life.  You can do this either before or after your time at The Recess College for an even greater understanding of your behaviours (

Action learning sets – groups that work on professional issues

Negotiation skills Training – to handle complex and thorny conversations with key people who are critical in creating specific outcomes

Follow-on groups – residential groups with both men and women who have attended The Recess College and wish to continue with and build on this process of co-consulting and challenge


‘What has it done for me?  It is an entirely new type of ‘pit stop’ for my life journey after The College; to check up, top up again, perform a diagnostic of where I am, fill my energy tank up again.’

Creative Director, PR Company

‘Going to a group means staying in touch with the way a community can work – we get regular feedback on personal progress.  We go to a deeper level than is normally on offer to you in everyday life, we benefit from others “speaking” the same language of challenge and aspiration.’

Partner, Strategy Development Partners