‘My seven year old daughter said to me “You were unhappy when you went on that holiday, Daddy.  Now you look happy again.”’

Creative director, PR Company

‘I was ready for this true shift towards a leadership founded on human honesty and inner-drive.’    

Strategy Consultant, The Netherlands

‘I had reached a point in my career where, although successful, I was no longer driving forward; something was blocking me from progressing.  My time at the College inspired me to work through this block and I have become much less complicated and far more focused.’

Strategic Director, Financial Services, Poland and USA

This unique approach creates the space and the opportunity for significant insight and personal growth.  I became less concerned about my ‘ego’ and much clearer about what matters.’

                                                                 Private Equity Partner, Central Europe

When I arrived at The College, I didn’t know quite what to expect.  Intellectually I accepted it was an environment for me to reflect and build my skills.  I left feeling thoughtful, enthused, refreshed and above all with an understanding of what I needed to do next.’

                                                                                   Medical Director, UK

‘I have stopped reacting to the wild dynamics of my organisation – which I often used to do in the past.  Predictably I used to act out my unease.  Now I am more grounded and observe chaos without drowning in it.  I set my priorities and come to far better conclusions.’

CEO, Maintenance Company, International Pulp and Paper NZ

‘At The College I learnt to face my limitations rather than papering them over.  Instead of being defended I became willing to confront my personal brand of dysfunctional behaviour that I could bring to work.’

Member of Supervisory Board, PL

‘After The College, I have found I no longer export my anxiety onto other in my old vain attempts to be in control.  I used to lash out!  Instead, I am now much more able to seek and work towards clarity and perspective.’

CEO, Water Company, The Netherlands

‘I am now considerably more confident in acting transparently, involving others in decision-making, and – even – do not have to posture nor be the one who ‘knows’ all the time.  Leadership is real, active and effective and actually, far more fun! ‘     

Director, Science Foundation

‘My tendency to give in to being “offended” no longer drags me down.  I can take feedback more flexibly, moving to “Aha!  Let’s move with this…”  ’         

    Senior Vice-President, Multi-national Corporation, NL

‘For me the Follow-On Group enables me to come in touch with my feelings, see the results of my actions, and learn to act on the truth of my reactions with more and more confidence.’                                   

Partner, Organisation Development Consulting Company, Germany

‘I now understand the impact when colleagues or family – or myself – play out unresolved childhood patterns at home and work.’

                                                                        Director, Education Authority

‘You need to continue this learning because habits formed over a long number of years take time to change.’

Director of Nursing, Board Member, NHS Hospital Trust UK