‘The quality of the programme and the facilitation were second to none’

A team of three staff, experts in organisational development, personal development and bodywork, working within an attractive and conducive residential location, leads each programme.

Staff are chosen for their personal qualities and ability to work together as much as for their depth of technical and professional qualities.  This ensures our ability to model how an integrated team works, and to perform a variety of complex roles to support you and the group during the programme.  Trainers also supplement this team.  You will also receive a personal mentor.

Elisabeth Henderson

Elisabeth is a lead consultant on major organisational change projects in industry, government and the private sector, is committed to cross-national training and development.  She works in Poland, India, Britain and The Netherlands.  Her career began in social action and later she trained at the Tavistock Institute, in London.  Following a years sabbatical in The Netherlands, she initiated The College in 1988 to offer similar experiences of personal transformation for leadership and authenticity to others – both in organisational and personal life.

Sally Searle

Sally is a therapeutic body worker who works on the alignment of body, posture, appearance and the physical symptoms of stress.  Her talent lies in the integration of massage, movement and dance within her approach to Pilates exercise.  She has her own company, Bodywork and brings to The College over twenty years of experience of group work linked to developing participants in the area of body/mind sensitivity.

Klaus Hermann
Associate, Strategic DevelopmentKlaus worked with The Ministry of Privatisation in Poland, then in private equity companies across Central Europe.  As an advisor his skills lie in strategy development.  He first attended The College in 1999 and has been an advisor and co-facilitator of Follow-up groups since then.
Perdita Hunt
Associate TrainerPerdita, Director of The Watts Gallery since 2004 was appointed to lead the £10m ‘Watts Gallery Hope Project’ to save the future of both the Gallery and its artistic collection.  Perdita has also been Director of Marketing of WWF and also led the management of change in several major national third sector institutions.  She attended the Recess College in 2000 and since then has worked with the programme as a staff member.
Mark Preston
Associate TrainerMark is an executive coach who brings a breadth of senior management and consulting experience to his coaching of entrepreneurs and leaders of multi-national corporations.  He has over 15 years of experience of the Central European market in a variety of roles and is fluent in Polish.  Currently he specialises in Turn-around of Distressed Companies.  He attended The Recess College in 2007.

Sarah Richards

Sarah worked with the Zurich Public Sector Consulting Company and The UK Local Government Board on the environment.  She is currently a local government executive responsible for sustainable economic development for the future of a large County Council.  Prior to this Sarah had a wide-ranging career in the public and private sectors as a consultant and practitioner.

Rachana Patni

Rachana is the Founder of The Matrix of Enquiry, an organisational and leadership consultancy based in Goa, India. Her PhD is entitled ‘Emotional Fools and Dangerous Robots’ in which she examined the impact of identity on organisational relationships and organisational effectiveness. Previously, she worked in the UK in academia at Brunel University and as Visiting Lecturer at The Tavistock and Portman Trust. She values her experience of the transformational processes and impact of The Recess College.

Jane Allen

Jane is a senior management consultant.  She facilitates organisational effectiveness through group and organisational interventions at an executive level, of team building, action learning groups, as well as coaching and mentoring key individuals.  Her background is in social work, management and training in the Public Sector and she runs her own consulting service.

Mentors and SupportEveryone who attends The College is also offered specific support and a mentor who is a past participant.  Mentors are there to discuss the course with you before, during your College journey and immediately after your time at The College.

Rita Garner

Rita, a Senior NHS manager, is The College Associate Co-ordinator for Mentors.

Ute Bock

Ute is an Area Manager at Fiat Chrysler Rimaco SA (Austria, Germany, CEE, Russia, Serbia and various –stan countries) for FCA N.V. / CNH I N.V. / Ferrari N.V. She has a self-employed position in the field of Risk Consultation. She is now based in Switzerland and was previously an Associate of the Bayswater Institute linked to the Tavistock Institute. She is interested in training in public, private and voluntary responses to high risk environments and crisis situations.