Leadership Insight

Leadership Insight is a sister programme of The Recess College.  Based on the same vision and methodology as The College, it differs from The College in its application.  Building up from a one-on-one consultation, LI is a personalised, well-validated, non-psychometric development tool for leaders and potential leaders.  It starts with an online questionnaire and is followed by one-to-one executive coaching and development.

It is a process which aims to create awareness of leadership identity by uncovering reflexive emotional patterns. It allows you to accelerate your understanding of how effective you are in the face of  leadership uncertainties, and gives you the strength to develop the unique leadership patterns of engagement that drive you to be good at what you do; and let go of those that do not.

Upon completing the profile and the one to one follow up there is the option to continue the process by taking part in the Leadership Insight Intensives. These group events gather both clients and consultants in a dynamic setting to work together over a number of days. These are residential programmes.

For more information about Leadership Insight, booking a consultation, or checking for upcoming LI intensive programmes, please visit our sister site: http://www.this-is-a-test-website.com/