The Rajasthan Retreat

20th – 28th February 2015

A Recess College Working Vacation 

An opportunity to reconnect with friends, to refresh and re-evaluate what you have already learnt, to expand your knowledge of yourself, to grow your potential as a leader…

But also an opportunity to discover a secluded gem in the heart of the Indian Subcontinent. A magical place which promises to take you out of yourself. A place of arresting beauty and timeless exoticism, where ancient sites and spectacular natural scenery awaits you at every turn.

With India’s oldest mountain range looming majestically in the background. Surrounded by wildlife most of us dreamed of as kids: tigers, sand dunes, ancient forts, luscious jungles, rainbow coloured birds, a world which we would otherwise only be able to glance at in the pages of a magazine…

The Recess College is proud to announce the “The Rajput Retreat”, a ten day programme to be held in the northern India province of Rajasthan, combining the College’s unique approach to personal development with the restful exoticism of a faraway holiday.

Think of it as a vacation, a vacation which allows you to avail of The Recess College’s expertly staffed workshops, a vacation from which you will return rested and resourced, but also with new perspective and heightened personal awareness of yourself and your leadership style.

Starting in the magnificent Manwar Resort and Camp, we will spend four days relaxing and reconnecting with the community with plenty of cultural activities and culinary sensations to keep us busy.

We will then travel through the dessert, stopping en route in Jodhpur to see the famous Mehrangarh Fort and the Umaid Bhawan Palace, to our second luxurious location: Fort Chanwa Luni. With this heritage sight as backdrop we will continue with relaxed personal and community building workshops, interspacing them with sightseeing, cultural excursions or simply a some tranquil down time by the pool. We will also have occasion to visit the breathtaking Balsamand Lake Palace, where we will dine overlooking the stunning green landscape.

Let Rajasthan’s natural beauty sweep you away, email us now to book your place on the Rajput Retreat.