Men and Women’s Colleges

The Colleges provide short, condensed ten-day ‘sabbaticals’, for senior executive and professional people to engage together. These are the basis of The College’s approach the most long-standing programmes. They offer you a sculpted opportunity of dedicated time and space to review your key personal and professional issues.

Originally these colleges were created for women only, however the success of The Recess College method meant that senior women asked for it to be opened to men. We now welcome both men and women, keeping them nonetheless separated into same-sex groupings. This has proven incredibly stimulating in many different ways. The design triggers equal but different learning for men and women, stimulating them to ask huge questions about the nature of leadership, co-operation, closeness and assumptions about how men and women ‘inhabit’ their work roles.

Upcoming Men and Women’s Colleges

The Men and Women’s Colleges are held at High Trenhouse on Malham Moor, near Settle in North Yorkshire.

Women’s Recess College: Friday 29th April to Sunday 7th May

Women’s Recess College Reunion: Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th June

Men’s Recess College: Friday 23rd June to Sunday 2nd July

Men’s Recess College Reunion: Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th September

For more information and booking please don’t hesitate to get in touch.