Commerce & Business

ABB, Germany
AIG-CET, Poland
Allianz, Germany
Citibank, UK
De Galan & Voigt, NL
Fonterra, New Zealand
The Royal Bank of Scotland, UK


The Arts

English National Opera, UK
The Royal Opera House, London, UK
The Royal Pavilion, Brighton, UK
The Watts Gallery, UK



Gemini Consulting, SA
YSA, Consultancy Partners, SA
Kolaja & Partners, PL
Morra Venture Management & Consultancy BV, NL
OC&C Strategy Consultants
Strategy Development Partners
Unisys, NL



The Cabinet Office, UK
Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken, NL
Ministerie van Justitie, NL
Ministerie van VROM, NL

Health Delivery

Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust, UK
Regional Medical Emergency Preparatory & Planning Office, UK
St George’s Hospital, UK



Brunel University, UK
Comenius, NL
The Law Faculty, University of Utrecht, NL
University of Amsterdam, NL
University of Berne, Switzerland
Universiteit Rotterdam, NL


Charities and Voluntary Organisations

Alone in London, UK
The Kew Foundation, UK
The National Childbirth Trust, UK
Paul Hamlyn Foundation, UK
The Rainer Foundation, UK
The Red Cross, UK
The Royal National Institute for the Deaf, UK
Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, UK


National Organisations

The National Probation Service, UK
Polish State Foreign Investment Agency, PL
The Sustainability Commission, UK