Five 2 hour sessions - Management

Work Intensive

This online programme offers you the opportunity to discuss work issues with not involved, yet experienced people who will provide you with candid reflections and practical tools on how to progress with often simmering work issues.

We use the Action learning methodology. In a small group, you present your work dilemma. The group is facilitated to react in a way that allows you to increase your insight, acknowledge your own role and turn insight into effective action. It will stimulate you to better engage with such challenges – now and in the future.

Who is it for?

Those with live work issues they wish to tackle.


You will better understand and progress, often resolve, tricky situations and their underlying dynamics.

Practical aspects

Five two-hours sessions in a span of four weeks. It is available both for individuals and – tailor-made – for work groups


The groupwork helped me clarify what I can take action on and what comes first in terms of priorities...using other perspectives and feedback

HR professional

It helped me notice my blocks and what I was resisting

Business owner

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