Five 2 hour sessions - Management

Repair, recovery and resilience

Resilience is the capacity to adapt effectively after a loss, unexpected change or disruption such as a merger. It is not a case of just ‘get up and go’ as though you can just start again where you left off.

It involves recognising your personal and organisational loss. Then identifying exactly the one trigger that helps you turn yourself, and your organisation around. Re-shaping your work and approach to driving forward.

This programme offers a window of opportunity in a moment of change.

Who is it for?

Those with live work issues they wish to tackle.


A deeper insight into what is happening.

Practical aspects

We run this programme by request using the Elizabeth Kübler-Ross model to trace the movement from shock to resilience. For both small groups working through their experience or large groups with lectures as part of a change project.


Before the event I was a bit sceptical about the effectivenss of the on-line setup but it worked really well and I quickly changed my mind.

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The support from the breakout rooms meant I could reflect on the dynamics at work – also my family – since the pandemic kicked in.

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