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Organisational Consultation

As an organisation you may be confronted with challenges with change whether these are triggered internally or externally.

In such situations typically organisations have positive intentions in their desire for change yet struggle with knowing how to realise this – whilst handling mixed interests, people motives, resistance, and the even the anxiety that change, even desired change brings. 

At the Recess College, we work in a timely way with organisations on developmental needs as they arise. This comes in the form of direct consultancy working with the in-house team for a set purpose – for example to bring clarity to current team issues, to reform a team with a new leader, or to help motivate a team or several teams through a period of change.

We work with clients in two specific ways. One is a targeted intervention around a skill or a challenge you are facing. The other is to stimulate you as leadership team alongside the whole organisation to engage purposefully on change and development. This may involve complex human and systemic organisational turnaround, enabling your organisation to ‘change the way you make change happen’.

We work alongside and with you and your organisation in asking the difficult questions, clarifying decisions and facing the difficult conversations.

Who is it for?

Organisations or requiring targeted interventions and/ or systemic change. Depending on what you or your organisation needs, we will focus on assisting you to clarify and work on (a combination of) culture, structures, strategy and/ or direction. Based on the logic of what is required, and in what timeframe.


In the two-day Quick-scan we clarify together what your organisation needs, which resources are required, and potential gaps in your capability to deliver the required change.

In our long-term consultancies, clients tell us they gain clarity and cohesion around organisational purpose and leadership. Your organisation will be able to build an increased sense of ‘belonging’ and shared commitment on the part of key the team members; accompanied by relevant skill development and understanding of organisational direction.


I asked help as we were going through a difficult period, having to seriously cut our spending while maintaining the quality of care. After a few days, we left feeling thoughtful, enthused, refreshed and above all with a clear understanding of what needed doing next.

Medical Director, UK

With the help of the Recess College we went through a period of major change and expansion. I believe the combination of personal and team development was key in our success. It was highly motivating to work together with such experts in their field.

Manager of a Healthcare trust – England

Working with the triumvirate senior leadership team and key professional groups through Action Learning and team sessions. Developing communications and key relationships with immediate positive impact within the organisation.

CEO of organisation in Special Measures – the UK

Practical aspects

Our organisational consultancy is always tailor-made with a mix of individual and organisational work. We start with a 2-day Quick-scan to take stock of what is needed. Sometimes that proves to be enough, more often we then jointly develop an optimal route forward.

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