5+4 days - Experienced Leaders

Living Labs

Living Labs is a unique programme in crossing-over personal and organisational development. It allows you to stand back, gain perspective and “change the way you change things”. 

This real-life laboratory provides you a safe place to experiment in a simulated organisation with an additional opportunity to refresh personally with how you manage and lead given the realities of the world we are in.

An opportunity to understand a vibrant organisation as a whole system, with its dynamics as these play out. And experiment with how you influence and transform by making critical interventions.

An added element in the Living Labs is that you as experienced leaders will be joined by younger ‘future leaders’ for the first 5 + 2 days. This intergenerational element enriches the experience enormously.

Who is it for?

Experienced leaders who seek to experiment with their own effectiveness in an organisational setting in an international and intergenerational context.


You will gain deep insight in your natural style of operating and how that affects others. And you will have real experience in merging your style with your leadership direction to become - more - purposeful and effective. And make changes in your organisation accordingly.

Your team and organisation will notice that it is much easier to get things done. With team members receiving and taking on responsibilities that fit their skills better.


Actually, I thought I was the specialist on power and gender issues. I would have never expected to learn so much from in just a few days! A profound experience that made me a better leader and person.

CEO of social health organisation, Australia

Stimulated by the younger participants, I put my awe for seniority aside and really felt my own power to influence. And I have expanded it ever since!

Founder and CEO of social enterprise, India

It was amazing to see both the struggle we as ‘seniors’ had and the raw energy and effectiveness of the younger generation. As in theory U, living through the struggle gave me immense value.

University professor, The UK

Practical aspects

The first 5 days combines personal leadership development within a real-life laboratory of group and organisational processes. This involves living out the dynamics of leading, sharing and executing group tasks. Debriefing the personal interaction that happened to you in the laboratory, using the real-life situations that took place. Understanding what challenged you and made you good in how you operated and where you might develop. Looking at habitual responses you wish to explore and shift.

In Module 2, some six weeks later, you will bring your experience back at work after Module 1, to experiment with ideas and norms of leadership, focusing on your own personal work-related behaviour and develop further

Module 3, is a tailor-made follow-up, based on the needs of you personally and the group as a whole. This consists of individual and joint coaching sessions, and might even include a negotiated workshop on-site in your organisation.

Participant selection is based on an in-depth interview looking at your desired development to assess whether Living Labs would optimally support your needs.

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