The Recess College offers programmes that stand out by making you experience when you are effective – and when you are not. 

And by making you recognise (in)effectiveness in others. This experience has a lasting effect. And will enable you to take authority over your personal life at home and in the boardroom – in a way that is both alive and adult.

Our programmes are responsive to your current needs in the context of your work, team, and personal relationships. Participants learn very different elements of leadership – namely what is relevant for them now to make the next step.

Core Programmes


Senior leaders ready to challenge old behaviours and adopt new ones. Often to make a transformation. 10 days off-site with follow-up. More

Living Labs

Experienced leaders seeking to experiment with their effectiveness in their organisation and integrate younger people. 5+4 days off-site. More

Our Future Leaders

For those who seek to experiment with leadership and organisational impact. Specials: OFL@university and OFL@schools. 5+2 days off-site. More

Organisational Consultation

Group consultancy for your team. Strengthens team effectiveness and sense of community. Tailor-made; basis is a 2-day quick scan. More

Leadership Insight Consultation

To understand your patterns and make effective, practical changes – both at work and at home. Several half-day sessions; possible online. More

Leadership Insight Intensive

Deepening LI Consultation in a group setting. Developing your understanding of patterns – from yourself and of others. 5 days off-site. More

Short Online Programmes

These stand-alone programmes provide insight and focused interventions. At the same time, they are an excellent way of exploring The Recess College approach to change, personal and organisational development. Our online programmes are generally 2 to 3-hour sessions for small groups of four to five people.

Difficult conversations

Testing ground on effectively confronting business or private relations. Preparing, practicing and executing the conversation. More

Repair, recovery and resilience

Opportunity to reflect on trauma, acknowledge the effect on yourself, and start repairing. Including the first steps to becoming more resilient. More

Work Intensive

Action learning space to tackle issues at work. You will develop a practical approach, take the first steps to improvement and reflect on the effect. More

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