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Leadership Insight Consultation

Leadership Insight is a one-to-one consultation aimed at creating emotional awareness in relation to your leadership identity.

The foundation is the Leadership Insight Profile – a personal analysis of your key principles and behavioural patterns – both those that drive you and those that limit you as a person, and in your role. This makes you acutely aware of those patterns and experiences that make you good at what you do, and how others sabotage you in your day-to-day interactions and are likely to elicit negative responses in others.

You will learn to recognise the patterns before they unfold – so that you have the option of different, more effective behaviour. The more you can bring this awareness to bear in critical moments, the more effective you will be. This is invaluable for anyone in a leadership or a co-creative role.

We often use Leadership Insight personal coaching as part of team and organisation development. Especially for leaders, given that emotional awareness is key to your leadership identity.

Who is it for?

For people who seek to understand their patterns and make effective, practical changes in their lives – both at work and at home. If you are looking for higher levels of awareness and performance in your role, then this may well be your next step.


LI greatly improves your capacity to deal with unknown and uncertain, often complex situations that require flexible, resilient coping strategies. You will be more aware of your feelings and able to select your actions and responses from a wider ‘vocabulary’.

You will find that by referring to the Profile regularly – and especially in times of difficulty – you will deepen your understanding and effectiveness further. Even 10 years later.


LI has provided me with practical tools to read what is happening in myself en my team. I now know how to extend the ‘highs’ where working together is smooth and stimulating – and to act decisively to not let the ‘lows’ take over.


LI has opened me to a new dimension of living. With deeper relationships, also at work. LI improves your quality of life.


At the start, people told me the report would prove to grow in value over time. Honestly, I didn’t believe it. However, years later I still find myself going through it when I feel challenged – and more often than not discover new elements!


LI has made me more aware of what I feel – and why. Using this insight, I have become much more effective. Especially because I now recognize what is a ‘real’ trigger to act upon and what is a reminder of the past – and is best left out of interactions in the here-and-now.


Practical aspects

LI consists of a series of development discussions in extensive one-to-one debriefings with an accredited, experienced consultant. The basis is a tailor-made Personal Profile based on a survey with open questions asking you to describe different types of situations in your past. Part 1 of the Profile is a Personal Report illuminating your patterns of engagement, coping strategies and the core values that drive you. Part 2 is a Work Resume with clear guidance on how your organisation can most benefit from working with you – and how you can make that known in an adult, safe manner.

After filling out the survey, you will have 4 to 6 sessions with your personal consultant. In each session, you will dig deep into a pattern, living through how it affects you and how you can notice the pattern unfolding. The sessions are 4 to 6 weeks apart so that you can experiment and learn in between sessions.

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