5+2 days - Emergent Leaders

Our Future Leaders

Business, politics, arts and science all need to invest in the future leadership of our world - every bit as much as in those in current positions of seniority.

Future leaders need to be radical in knowing what to keep and what to change in the world they inherit. This involves developing quality of good judgement for handling the uncertainty of the future and the unpredictability of other people’s responses.

The OFL programme will alert you to the issues that play out in complex organisational situations. Providing you a safe place to experience, practice and grow personally, fully accessing strengths you already possess. You can use this experiential programme in order to develop your creativity and maturity, to be ready, alert and to experiment with situations that you will encounter over the coming ten years in your work.

Some of the OFL-programmes, run in parallel with ‘Living Labs’ with more experienced leaders. This intergenerational element adds different elements to the programme. 

Who is it for?

OFL is specifically designed for emergent leaders. People in their late twenties to thirties, starting to develop their current and future roles; who wish to explore how the politics and norms of organisations operate.


You will gain deep insight in your natural style of operating and how that affects others. And you will have real experience in adapting your style to become more effective – both for yourself and those you need to influence. And you will recognize the strengths and weaknesses of others – and will be better at managing your own and other people’s reactions.

Your team and organisation will notice your increased effectiveness and allow you to take on additional and/ or different responsibilities.


After OFL, I am aware of the ‘baggage’ I habitually carried. Having faced the pain of my limitations, I now have the energy to move forwards. At unprecedented speed, I can add.

Manager Financial Services company, France

While I have always loved doing research and teaching, I had troubles with the university organisation. Now, I understand it better and have some clear tools to exert greater influence.

University researcher, The Netherlands

I love the feeling of connectedness I experienced with people from Australia to India to South Africa and Germany. Learning from them and their challenges has given me the strength and courage to ease into any challenge.

Strategy consultant, The UK

Practical aspects

The first 5 days combines personal leadership development within a real-life laboratory of group and organisational processes. This involves living out the dynamics of leading, sharing and executing group tasks. Debriefing the personal interaction that happened to you in the laboratory, using the real-life situations that took place. Understanding what challenged you and made you good in how you operated and where you might develop. Looking at habitual responses you wish to explore and shift.

In Module 2, some six weeks later, you will bring your experience back at work after Module 1, to experiment with ideas and norms of leadership, focusing on your own personal work-related behaviour and develop further.  

Some of the OFL programmes are run in combination with a Living Labs group. The intergenerational element adds an extra dimension. 

Selection is based on an in-depth interview looking at your current role and desires to assess whether OFL would optimally support your needs – in the ‘standard’ or intergenerational setting.

OFL@University and OFL@School

Stimulated by alumni, we adapted the OFL programme for university students and high school groups. The atmosphere and feedback have been amazing. Even with groups that were highly sceptical at the start (as enrolment was group-based rather than an individual choice). 


The whole programme was strange and chill at the same time! What moved me most is when my group stepped in to represent my absent parents during The College graduation ceremony. They know why.

High school student, The Netherlands

I was in a group with someone I used to dislike. Now, I understand what this was coming from and we have actually become close friends!

High school student, The Netherlands

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