The Sabbatical offers you a time to review your past and shape your future. It allows you to open up key issues with purpose. 

You confront and work on them, turn insight into action – firstly in the community that you create with the other participants; later in ‘real life’. The aim is to help you get really clear what you want to make happen. And your role in how to do it.

With an international group of participants and staff, you form a living and developing organisation. This offers you an opportunity to 'take a balcony view', looking at the collective situation and dynamic from multiple perspectives, and quickly understanding where power and influence lies and where action is needed. You will experience the power of an honest, tough and caring community – providing you both the safety and stimulus to transform.

The community illuminates your own behaviour – effective and ineffective, and also the power of groups and organisations. It highlights how groups can empower belonging, and also the care needed to bring out the best of the individual in the collective.

As leadership and personal challenges differ, we run separate groups for men and women.

Who is it for?

High achievers from all sectors come to the Sabbatical Programme because they are dealing with change, often in the world of work, roles or personal relationships. Leaders who seek to strengthen their style of leadership. And also out of a desire to make a transition – both personally and professionally.


As a person, feeling clearer and more alive. Capable of handling change and the challenges that come with it. Increased ability to:

  • Handle people, projects and strategy
  • Recognizing and responding to the dilemma of contradictory interests
  • Making wise decisions, standing by them and - when needed - being able to change priorities on a clear basis
  • Create effective and purposeful working environments
  • Developing a sense of community in the workplace that fosters allegiance and direction for the organisation
  • Avoiding being distracted by organisational personality conflicts and politics.
  • Make the workplace enjoyable
  • Communicating honestly with colleagues, superiors and those who report to you
  • Handling issues of authority and conflict


I reached a point in my career where I was successful, but no longer driving forward. Something was blocking me from progressing. My time at The College inspired and enabled me to become much less complicated and far more focused. Regaining speed as a result.

Strategy Director, Financial Services, USA

The Sabbatical opened me up to develop real connections. Soon after the Sabbatical, I got into a relationship – we now have been married for over 20 years with two beautiful children! Professionally, I outgrew the consultancy I was part of and started my own firm.

Managing Director Strategy Consultancy firm, The Netherlands

I learnt to face my limitations. Rather than mirroring the dynamics of the organisation and acting out my frustration, I became willing to confront my own issues that I sometimes bring to work. And work through them. Now I am much more grounded.

University professor, Central Europe

It has been 20 years since I did the Sabbatical and I can say it has had a great impact on my life and career. I foster community thinking and practice – also with suppliers. With amazing results!

CEO of large Dairy cooperation, New Zealand

Practical aspects

The Sabbatical starts with a 10-day programme. The days are intensive, starting early with bodywork, a collective start-up, small group work and ending in the evening with community building. Expect excellent food and drinks in a location with plenty of nature to discover during breaks.

The 10-day start is followed by a 4-day review two months later to reflect on how you are transferring your learning to work and home. And how you can take that even further.

The Sabbatical is offered at least once a year for men and women separately. The ratio of staff-to-participants is high, in order to offer the full range of resources needed for people to take risks safely in addressing personal and organisation development - and the cross-over between the two. Participant selection is based on several in-depth interviews.

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