Five 2 hour sessions - Management

Difficult conversations

Participants bring a live issue. Together we turn these important conversations away from being difficult, into ones that lead to higher levels of cooperation and mutual understanding.

This programme addresses the skills of getting agendas aligned across differences in hierarchy and/ or perception. You have the opportunity to practice handling complex negotiations round work, roles and requirements, changes of environment, the pressures and stress of competing expectations. Learning from yourself and others.

Who is it for?

You will find this programme useful if you negotiate with others in your work – manage others, facilitate units, departments or professional work. Where resources, people, professional disciplines and projects are involved.


Success in the critical, sometimes tricky conversations where the outcome is important - personally and/ or for the organisations involved.

Practical aspects

Five two-hours sessions in a span of four weeks.


I didn’t realise how fearful I was and now I’m not afraid to say how I feel about a situation & to challenge someone

Management professional

The size and mix of the group helped – recognising the things that were common and important for all of us despite our different roles & experience

Medical professional

It's valuable getting in role of the other person – responding and being in their shoes adds to the depth of learning


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