5 Days - Leaders

Leadership Insight Intensive

Deepening of LI Consultation in a group setting. Deepening your understanding of patterns – both those from yourself and those of others. So that you can influence and lead others in a sustainable way.

This takes personal development into the collective sphere. The five-day master classes are in a group environment. They enable you to experience the impact of your behavioural patterns on others and vice versa how you understand other people.

During the Intensive you will have the opportunity to experiment with different roles: the client, consultant, and observer. In a safe environment with a nurturing group. This allows you to use what you have learnt in different contexts.

Who is it for?

People who have done their LI consultation and would like to take their development further – both personally and in interaction with others.

The Intensive programme is also a gateway for those of you who might be interested in going on to complete the full Leadership Insight Training Programme in 2014 to become an Associate.


Bringing your increased awareness and acumen to bear, the Intensive can:

  • Enable you to confront interactions below the surface – where people cannot communicate or tend to misinterpret each other’s motivations and thinking
  • Enhance your grasp of interpersonal dynamics and cooperation; you will be better able to handle work relations, negotiations, appraisals
  • Show you how you might choose to relate to people and to act in real-time work and leadership roles

Practical aspects

A 5-day residential by invitation.


What really surprised me was how quickly I was comfortable sharing my struggles – and taking further steps together. Now I am doing this with my own team!!


LI Intensive has opened my eyes to the patterns of others. Understanding where others come from, I feel I am less stressed if difficulties arise. And more effective in solving them.


‘I trust it has begun a fundamental change in me so we’ll see’


‘The value of the event is that it has helped me to have hope for the future and where/how I can find a direction – I have a deeper calm – hugely valuable. A very validating experience’


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